ABU RoboCon 2017

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The theme of ABU Robocon 2017 has its roots on ancient Japanese cultures and its one prominent creation, the hand-held foldable fan called 'Sensu'. Sensu is a symbolic reflection of centuries old Japanese art and craft. Portable, useful and pleasing to the eye. But the importance of Sensu is not limited to this. It has been long been used for a common Japanese game - Tosenkyo, which is the inspiration of the game for Robocon 2017.

Nepal's journey in Robocon

Robocon 2015 at a glance

The 15th iteration of the Robocon was the most successful one for Nepal till date. Nepal got historical success and shone with unprecedented achievements in this year’s Robocon, challenging the likes of countries like China.

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Learn more about Robocon:

Robocon (short for Robotic Contest) is organised by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), a collection of over 20 countries of Asia Pacific Region. NHK, Japan had already been organising such contests at national level and also became the host of the first ABU Robocon in 2002. Since then, every year one of the member broadcasters hosts this international event.

The broadcasters of each participant country are responsible for conduct of their national contests to select the team which will represent their country in the International Contest. Teams from Engineering and Technological colleges are eligible for participation. Participating Teams are expected to design and fabricate their own robots and organize their teams including an Instructor, Team Leader, Manual Robot Operator and an Automatic Robot Operator.

The Robotics Club of Central Campus, IOE has held the privilege of building the robots for the Robocon since 2002. As the most preferred technical engineering college in the country, the Central Campus was chosen by the National Broadcaster and ABU member, National Television to take the responsibility of building the robots and representing Nepal in the international platform. Carrying the legacy since then, each year the club students work day and night on the best possible mechanisms to carry out the daunting yet inspiring job required by the annual theme of the contest.