The Robotics Club of Pulchowk Campus was founded in 2001 A.D. by a group of aspiring and visionary students of the campus with a motive of introducing robotics officially to the nation. With pioneering and reformative education introduced by the IOE, the country was fast moving ahead in the fields of engineering. With this and with the knowledge of the global scenario came the consciousness that technology is the future of the world.


Feeling the serious necessity to keep up with the pace of rapidly advancing robotic development in the world added by the inception of Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in the Campus, the Club was established. Comprised of students and alumni of the Electronics and the Mechanical department, the club is a haven for the young innovators of the campus who wish to transform their ideas to actual things and learn all the ways to solve the most common and subsequently, the most uncommon of barriers during the development course. The development process of each project carried out becomes the precedent for the future ones.

The club also carries the responsibility of building the robots for the Asia-Pacific robot contest (ABU RoboCon). Robots made by the Club have been representing Nepal in the international platform since 2001, some of them bringing prestigious awards home. Each year, the robotics crew spends their time together, shares their ideas and tests various types of mechanisms, learning numerous things in each test which collectively help in building the final robots and establish paradigms for the following years.


Apart from making the machines, Robotics Club has been actively involved in imparting basic robotics education as well as generating interest in robotics in the community through various means ranging from occasional training programs to national level robotics competitions. Robotics Club also makes various secondary projects to be demonstrated in various technical exhibitions to generate interest among the attendees.

The Robotics Club has always felt conscious and responsible towards the welfare of the community. The Charito Ghar campaign conducted for immediate relief housing in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake is the best example of this. The club members volunteer whenever required for any technical event in the campus. The Club maintains itself financially for most of these parts through various methods and opportunities of self-sustenance, including some for the Robocon itself (which is funded mostly by the campus).


We at the club always push ourselves to newer limits everytime with the help of the experience gained by the alumni through all these years and hence encourage all sorts of innovative ideas, whoever might they be from. Enthusiasm is always welcomed, problem-solving being our expertise. After all, this is how we keep the legacy on!


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