Robo-Soccer 2004:

The aim of this maiden machine design contest was to familiarize the nation with robotic competitions abroad. Participating colleges were expected to design and construct soccer playing robots that could shoot the 11 tennis balls into the opponents post to compete for points. A team was considered winner when it scored more points than its opponent at the end ot the match. The duration of each game was 3 minutes.

Download the report of Robosoccer 2004:

Robosoccer 2004 report 419.21 KB





Robo-Shooter 2005:

After the overwhelming positive response received from RoboSoccer, the organizers were encouraged to organize yet another battle of robots with a whole new theme. The last competition was an initiative so that the colleges were to build technically simple robots for the sport they were quite familiar with. With the experience and skills gained from the previous edition of the competition, we believed that they were ready for a challenge. That resulted in the birth of RoboShooter ’05 idea.

The slogan “A Dream for Better Tomorrow” would explain it all. 15 colleges participated in the competition. The theme of the competition was to shoot down the opponents pins by tennis balls within the defined time limit (or in the shortest possible time).

Download the report of Robo-Shooter 2004:

Roboshooter 2005 report 541.32 KB





Mission Everest 2006:

With two successful national robotics competitions in its credit, the Robotics Club of Pulchowk Campus decided to continue the annual festival.
RoboCup ‘2006’ was intended to raise awareness among the public about the ongoing hot issue of littering and careless disposal of rubbish in the Everest by the climbers and mountaineers (specially the base camp). With that, the event aimed to symbolize the dire need of cleanliness on the icon of national pride through a techno-mechanical approach.

Download the report of Mission Everest 2006:

Mission Everest 2006 377.67 KB


Bhoto Jatra 2008:

The theme of the 4th National Robot Contest was “Bhoto Jatra”, which commemorated the chariot procession and the auspicious displaying of the bejeweled waistcoat, the Bhoto. The game involved building a chariot (Rath) on an automatic machine machine with the help of a manual machine. Both teams had to fill up a centrally located zone symbolizing the Bhoto. Team were awarded points for different tasks performed by both the robots. Each game lasted for 3 minutes and the team collecting maximum points was declared the winner.


The Student Organizing committee


Event Coordinator  Siruja Maharjan
Secretariat Anish Bahadur Amatya
Finance Jeewan Shrestha
Rajkumar Chaulagain
Prabash Jha
Technical Kabin Shrestha
Ashim Dahal
Dinesh Twanabasu
Public Realtion Ramesh Ranabhat
Amrit Kharel
Bishesh Khanal
Multimedia Suvash Thapaliya
Baibhav Rajbhandari
Bikram Adhikari
Team Assistance Kumar Paudel
Deepak Parajuli
Facility  Salim Bux





RoboCup 2010:

robocup 148

The theme of Robocup 2010 was  “Working together for better Nepal”. The slogan was chosen to promote a strong sense of helpfulness and co-operation among people, to make Nepal better and to fortify the feeling of unity, fair play and fair competition among the technical students of our country.
The game consisted of a pre-designed game field. There were white stripes on the green background which guided the robots to find their path. Each team made two robots, one manual operated by the operator and another automatic consisting of a chip and sensors which would lead the robot along the white stripes.

Download the report of RoboCup 2010:

Robocup 2010 509.20 KB





RoboCup 2012:


The theme for this edition of the Contest was “Clean Bagmati, Green Kathmandu“. This theme emulates the need and the feeling of co-ordination among the robots to clean the wastes in the Bagmati river and make the Kathmandu area more Greener. The robots works together for the Cleanliness and Greenery to signify the brighter future of Nepal.
The Manual Robot classifies the wastes into corresponding Degradable/ Non Degradable region. The Automatic Robot carries degradable waste into manure production zone to produce the manure. The Manual Robot carried manure and also the tree trunk into tree plantation zone. Finally, Automatic Robot carried tree cap onto tree plantation zone for successful Plantation. Each match is contested by Red and Blue teams and lasts for three minutes. The team scoring more number of points won the game.

The event was organized at Table Tennis Hall Lainchaur. Khwopa Engineering College secured the first position in the Robocup Nepal 2012. Western Regional College stood second and also won the Immune Security Best Idea Award. The winners were awarded with trophy, gift hampers and certificates.

The organizer committee of Robocup 2012.

S.N Name Designation Year/Department E-Mail
1 Nitin Lakhera Coordinator 065/Electronics  
2 Rajesh Maharjan Secretary  065/Electronics  
3 Vishal Gewali Finance Coordinator  065/Electronics  
4 Dipak Sharma Resource Manager 065/Mechanical  
5 Puran Sob Gamefield Manager  065/Mechanical  
6 Surendra Maharjan Technical Coordinator  065/Mechanical  
7 Abhishek Karn Media Coordinator  065/Electronics  
8 Ramesh Aacharya Stadium Manager  065/Mechanical  
9 Hem Kanta Regmi Multimedia Coordinator  065/Electronics  
10 Ujjwol Ghimire Website  065/Electronics  
11 Janak Kumar Lal Volunteer Manager  065/Electronics





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