Robocon 2003


SID-CRAB-5 took part in ABU Robot Contest 2003 held on 24th August, 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand which had the slogan “FROM THE TOP TO BE TOP”. Though the team couldn’t actually reach ‘the top’, the performance was quite satisfactory. This was the year when we started to us programming in our robots. We started automation. Our automatic robot had IR sensors to track the path.

Nepal stood on the top eight by defeating Philippines and India in the preliminary round. In the quarter final, Nepal lost with Vietnam, the winner of the previous contest.Nepal was the only South-Asian country to enter the quarter finals.

The winner of this year contest was Sawangdandin Industrial and Community Education College, Thailand.


List of Team Members:

1 Ramesh Chaudhary Team Leader 057/Mechanical
2 Sakir Ali Team Member
3 Upender Chaudhary Team Member
4 Ajaya Dhakal Team Member
5 Suraj Karki Team Member
6 Shankar Upreti Team Member
7 Anil Raj Khadka Team Member
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