Robocon 2004




Everest-Conquerer-7 took part in ABU Robot Contest 2004 held in Seoul, South Korea. The theme of the game was “Reunion of Separated Lovers, Gyeonwoo & Jiknyeo”. Lover’s reunion had to be made by delivering the ‘Golden gift’ to the destination mentioned.

The robot set comprised of one automatic machine and one manual machine. The robot featured digital image processing to track its path. The programming and automation were upgraded. We were able to make one of the robust and reliable robots.

The winner of this year contest was Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam.


List of team members:

1 Suraj Karki Team Leader 058/Electronics
2 Bikash Parajuli Team Member
3 Lokendra Ghimire Team Member
4 Ganesh Sinkamana Team Member
5 Nawaraj Baral Team Member
6 Dhurba Panthi Team Member
7 Kiran Rauniyar Team Member
8 Sandesh Joshi Team Member
9 Parash Poudel Team Member
10 Upendra Chaudhary Team Member
11 Ajaya Dhakal Team Member
12 Prabhat Rai Team Member
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