Robocon 2005


Arniko took part in ABU Robocon 2005 held in Beijing, China. Theme of  this year Robocon was “Climb on the Great Wall Light the Holy Fire”.The game required the robot to collect balls initially and then manage to put it into the correct section of a basket mounted on a pole.

The robot was capable of shooting balls into baskets kept on poles in the game field. The robot bagged the “Mabuchi Motor Award” in the competition among 19 Countries of Asia Pacific region.

Winner of this year contest was The University of Tokyo, Japan.


List of team members:

1 Kiran Rauniyar Team Leader 059/Mechanical
2 Parash Poudel Team Member
3 Ajit Mallik Team Member
4 Bikash Agrawal Team Member
5 Sakir Ali Team Member
6 Ganesh Sinkemana Team Member
7 Suraj Karki Team Member
8 Ramesh Chaudhary Team Member
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