Robocon 2006

Sid-10 took part in ABU Robocon 2006 to be held in KuaLalampur, Malaysia. Theme of this year contest was “Building the World’s Tallest Twin Tower”.The game required the robot to collect “building blocks” initially and manage to complete the construction of towers using the same blocks.

We used advanced motors and were also able to made lighter robots. Nepal bagged the Toyota Award for machine performance and mechanical reliability.

Winner of this year’s contest was Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam.

List of team members:

1 Ashim Dahal Team Leader
2 Ramesh Ranabhat Team Member
3 Subin Shrestha Team Member
4 Kabin Shrestha Team Member
5 Siruja Maharjan Team Member
6 Subash Thapalia Team Member
7 Deep Serchan Team Member
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