Robocon 2011

The year 2011 marks the tenth anniversary of ABU Robocon and Thailand was honored to host the event again.The game was designed so that all the participating teams were able to compete and enjoy the contest. However the final task of dropping Candle Light Flame on top of Candle which was the highlight of the game was designed so that only the team that the robots are able to operate in a dynamic environment deserves the winning.

We made three robots for this contest. One manual and two automatic. The operator of the manual robot was Ramesh Aacharya, that of automatic 1 was Niswan Dhakal and the operator of automatic 2 was Abhishek Karn. In this contest we defeated India but we lost a game against Japan. We were 10th in overall ranking in this contest.

The manual robot was controlled with the help of joystick in hand of the operator. It contains nearly a dozen of motors to control and move its different arms. Automatic 1 was a line tracking robot. Once switched on by its operator it stopped only after completing all task assigned to it. This robot also contained two proximity sensors and a servo motor. The basic of navigation of this robot was performed with the help of light sensors. Like Automatic 1 automatic 2 was also line tracking robot. This robot was heavier and had more functions of accomplish in comparison to Automatic 1. In these robots we used advanced and economic motor controlling circuits.

List of team members:

1 Niswan Dhakal Team Leader 064/Mechanical
2 Ramesh Aacharya Team Member 065/Mechanical
3 Dipak Sharma Team Member 065/Mechanical
4 Puran Sob Team Member 065/Mechanical
5 Surendra Maharjan Team Member 065/Mechanical  
6 Abhishek Karn Team Member 065/Electronics  
7 Hem Kanta Regmi Team Member 065/Electronics  
8 Janak Kumar Lal Team Member 065/Electronics
9 Nitin Lakhera Team Member 065/Electronics  
10 Rajesh Maharjan Team Member 065/Electronics  
11 Rabindra Kumar Sah Team Member 065/Electronics  
12 Ujjwol Ghimire Team Member 065/Electronics
13 Vishal Gewali Team Member 065/Electronics  
14 Sapin Bajracharya Team Member 066/Electronics  
15 Winner Shrestha Team Member 066/Mechanical  
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