Robocon 2013


ABU-Robocon this time was held at Da Nang, Vietnam with its theme “The Green Planet” on which we worked out from Robotics Club Pulchowk,Campus and successfully made two Robots accordingly for the contest which were named Balram-the manual robot and Krishna-the automatic robot. The contest was really a brilliant experience not only to see the remarkable technologies but also got to interact with students from other countries.

With huge enthusiasm after having seen the Theme video for the first time, the team decided to divide the research part of the RoboCon into the members and render the momentum to the game field development. With things like solid simulations, scratch designs and material selections going on as off board jobs, the strategic game field prototype was developed and the scaled dimensions were realized for the first time. The ideas to work on to optimize the dimension were realized having seen the game field grow in 1:1 scale.

We had a team of 22 members who worked out for the Robots during the off hours of the regular classes. We had to face many challenges during the Robot making but was overcome by the profound efforts of the team. Manual robot was specifically a four wheel omni mechanism which was driven by the starter motor while automatic was differential drive. Pneumatics were extensively used for the gripping mechanism. The first launch of the robot into the game field came up with many foreseen and unforeseen trouble, and troubleshooting-tuning phase begun. This was the best part of Robocon, knowing the errors we committed, and tuning them, be it mechanically or electronically. PID algorithms, KALMAN filters, and many interesting ideas in software, heavy duty H-Bridge, reliable control system components in hardware along with growth in brainstorming skills through tuning and troubleshooting in robot enriched the participants.

Robotics Club would like to share it’s sincere gratitude to the Team-Robocon 2013 for making Pulchowk campus participate in this grand event:

Team Members

  1. Aayush Kumar Chaudhary
  2. Aditya Neupane
  3. Ashesh Babu Timilsina (Team Leader)
  4. Bharat Joshi
  5. Buddha Raj Shrestha
  6. Dipesh Chaudhary
  7. Jivan Khatiwoda
  8. Rakesh Shrestha
  9. Ram Raj Khanal
  10. Rupesh Kumar  Nidhi
  11. Sanjiv Paudel
  12. Sapin Bajracharya
  13. Saurav Gharti Magar
  14. Suman Sedhai
  15. Sumit Yadav
  16. Thakur Neupane
 Special thanks to our Junior team of 069 Batch

1. Ankit Gautam

2. Anil Sapkota

3. Anil Kamat

4. Bimal Paneru

5. Subash Neupane