Robocon 2014

This year’s Robocon was held in Pune, India hence many club members including the freshmen got chances to witness the Robocon event. The theme was ‘Salute to Parenthood’ in which the child robot had to undertake a series of tasks with the guidance of the parent robot; the child had to play on the see-saw, then swing, pole walk and finally climb the jungle gym.

The winner of this year’s Robocon was Lac Hong, Vietnam.

List of them members:

1 Rupesh Kumar Nidhi
2 Buddha Shrestha
3 Bharat Joshi
4 Aaditya Neupane
5 Sumit Yadav
6 Subash Neupane
7 Bimal Paneru
8 Anil Sapkota
9 Anil Kamat
10 Ankit Gautam
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