Special Commendation Award 2002, Japan

Team Nepal defeated Fiji in the first round and Kazakhstan in the next round and to everyone’s surprise it became the only south Asian country to reach the quarter finals, where they had to compete with China and unfortunately, was defeated. Appreciating the efforts put forth by the Nepalese team, it was awarded with “Special Commendation Award” which surely brought some light to the future of Robotics in Nepal.

Mabuchi Motor Award 2005, China

The robot that took part in ABU Robocon 2005 held in Beijing, China was named ‘Araniko’. Theme of this year Robocon was “Climb on the Great Wall, Light the Holy Fire”.\n The robot was capable of shooting balls into baskets kept on poles in the game field. The robot could cover the center zone of the Game field in just 1.5 seconds. The rules for the games were changed suddenly a day before the contest, which caused a lot of trouble in the Nepalese pit. Despite of all this, the Nepalese team worked throughout the night and resolved the problem. The robot performed very well the next day and to everyone’s surprise, even won the “Mabuchi Motor Award” in the competition, among 19 Countries of Asia Pacific region.

Toyota Motor Award 2006, Malaysia

The theme of the contest was “Building the World’s Tallest Twin Tower”, which required the robot to collect “building blocks” initially and manage to complete the construction of towers using the same blocks. Advanced motors were used which contributed a lot in building lighter, more compact robots. “Team Nepal”, however defeated the strong team Malaysia, due to which the whole stadium filled with audience, mostly from Malaysia was awestruck. Consequently, Nepal bagged the prestigious “Toyota Award” respecting their outstanding machine performance and mechanical reliability.

Best Idea Award 2015, Indonesia

Due to the unusual movements of the Nepalese robot and the unique “Jumping Smash” among other 19 countries as cited by a presenter of the NHK television, Japan, “Team Nepal” was awarded with two prestigious awards, the “Best Idea Award” and the “Mabuchi Motor Award”. For the first time, Nepal had won two awards in the same year in ABU Robocon.

Mabuchi Motor Award 2015, Indonesia

That game named “Robominton” in which a real badminton game was held between the two countries in a real size badminton arena with two robots in each side, was played with such awe that grasped attentions of judges bringing “Mabuchi Motor Award” as well.

Best Engineering Award 2016,Thailand

Among 20 top engineering universities around the Asia Pacific region, Nepal was able to obtain the “Best Engineering Award” and also the prestigious “Panasonic Award”- Two awards won for the second time in a row.

Panasonic Award 2016, Thailand

The robot that was designed to autonomously use a system that travels along a ramp and climbs up a vertical column to attach a mock-up of a wind-turbine blade assembly could complete the task within an average time of around 21 seconds during test runs. It bagged another award as well in the same year 2016, along with ' Best Engineering Award ', a 'Panasonic Award'.

ROHM Semiconductors Award, 2019

Awarded by ROHM Semiconductors for impressive mechanism on the robots prepared for the contest of ABU ROBOCON 2019 (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia).

Tokyo Electron Award 2020, China

With Covid-19 Pandemic hitting the world, the host decided to conduct the event in virtual platform. Despite the circumstances and limitation in resources, Nepal delivered splendid video of robot revelation and concise presentation. With high hopes, the sponsor awarded Nepal 'Tokyo Electron Award '.

Nagase Award, 2022, India

2nd Runner Up Award 2022,India

Mabuchi Motor Award 2023, Cambodia